Non-Traditional & Elders

Non-Traditional Relationships

Girls Arguing

Our world is changing and along with it relationships have changed as well.

Relationships may not be defined as marriage in the traditional sense, but are real relationships with real issues. Some of those issues concern children and their support and the ownership of property.

When these relationships end, whether it is a live-in relationship, same sex couple, civil union or same sex, the lack of traditional methods can make the resolution in a Court Room more difficult & more expensive. The results are also less predictable. We understand LGBT relations & can help.

Mediation is ideally suited to deal with a change or end of a Non-Traditional Relationship. It allows the parties to decide the difficult issues.

You make the decisions, not the courts.

Also, because mediation is confidential, the decisions you make can remain private.

Elder Care Issues & Mediation

Old Woman Counts Money

As our Society ages, we are all faced with aging Family Members with Issues that must be addressed. These can be the most trying issues of our lives.

The problems can be as simple as how & when to pay the bills, to as complex as when is it time for our loved ones to begin Assisted Living.

Many times when siblings are involved, the day to day tasks and care can be unequally divided. Usually, one brother or sister is left “shouldering” the majority of the care.

Often times, the more family & friends try to help ~ the more confused the Issues become.

Communications break down and now ~ No One is Happy.

There can be very real Issues like Driving the Car or the Family Home that is now too big to be cared for that can pose a very real danger to our Loved Ones.

These problems can also involve Neighbors, Friends, Care Facilities, Landlords and even Family pets.

Our Mediators are familiar with Elder Citizen’s Issues and can help Your Family in resolving even the most difficult problems.

Invite your Family Members to review our Website and call us with their questions or concerns. We’ll be happy to talk with each or you!