Separation Agreements


Parties who no longer wish to remain married are finding themselves financially in a position where living in separate homes is not an option.

The marital home may be in foreclosure, one or both parties may no longer be employed & with mounting debt, there simply isn’t enough money for the necessities for one household, let alone two.

Unfortunately, during these times the disputes that lead to break-ups of the marriage can become more intense. The fighting and arguments can become intolerable for the parties, and their children. Every discussion becomes a fight and nothing seems to be getting settled.

Mediation is an excellent method of reaching agreement on the basics, while you are trying to sort out the rest of your life.

This is not Marriage Counseling OR a program intended to put the Marriage back together.

This is a method of reaching resolutions for parties and designing a plan to cope with everyday issues. We help you reach agreements that will let everyone deal with everyday life, before a divorce.

Some Issues that Need to be Resolved:

  • Household Bills
  • Household Maintenance
  • Child Care & Expenses
  • Which Bills Get Paid
  • Domestic Relation Agreements